Peiling Jiang



江沛岭 / 江沛嶺 / コウ ハイミネ


New York University / Tisch School of the Arts / Interactive Media Arts


Computation and CS Courses:
Machine Learning for the Arts

Massachusetts Institute of Technology / Course 4B Art and Design


Design Courses:
Product Engineering Process / Advanced Product Design Studio
Computation and CS Courses:
Creative Computation / Fundamentals of Programming

Jiangnan University / Industrial Design and Experimental Program of Integrated Innovation


Selected Honors and Awards

Utility Patent / A Bluetooth control device / CN2018206060993


A device that can easily connect with and control multiple Bluetooth devices.

Utility Patent / A method to manipulate multiple Bluetooth speakers / CN201810380153


A system allows the user to control multiple Bluetooth speakers using one controller with motion detection.
The type of this patent is called Patent for Innovation by CNIPA.

The James Dyson Award National Winner


The James Dyson Award is an international design award that celebrates, encourages and inspires the next generation of design engineers. We are currently the National Winner and the International Finalist.

MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund Program Candidate


Working on a product-orientated entrepreneurship idea to release in a few months.

Special Annual Award for 7 most outstanding students in School of Design


Awarded among 1600 students because of achievements in innovation.

Outstanding volunteers


International Experience Design Conference, School of Design Museum, Wuxi International Marathon...

Honors School Student and The First Prize Scholarship


Citizen Card Design of Wuxi (8th Anniversary Edition)



MIT Media Lab / Fluid Interfaces Group / Undergraduate Research Assistant


Worked on the Industrial Design and Interaction Design of AlterEgo, a personalized wearable silent speech interface listening to people’s internal thoughts and interactions. Redesigned the second version from the ground up and explored new use cases with the improved AI. My work involved massive modeling, 3-D printing and transdisciplinary cooperation. The product was honored 2018 World Technology Awards and the second generation I contributed to was featured in TED in April 2019.

MIT Media Lab / Personal Robot Group / Undergraduate Research Assistant


Worked on a LEGO-based robot teaching children basic AI knowledge. Worked on the design, modeling and fabrication of the head portion where a servo controls movements of the smartphone-based face. Worked on motion design and interactions with kids according to different emotions. Also worked on the UX design of the web-based app help kids setup and play with their robot family. The project is featured in Zeit Magazin.

Guqin Trail: Business Model and Service Design for Small Instrument Factories / Team Leader


Led a group of 6 and designed a feasible way for small Guqin (Chinese traditional instrument) factories to reach customers. Conducted user and market research, service design, feasibility analysis and system map. Trail not only means customers can get totally refund after the period but also includes several services encouraging beginners persist in learning.

User Research and Product Definition of NetEase Cloud Music / Team Leader


Led a group of 5 conducting a three-month research on the most popular and active music community in China. The report focuses on the architecture of the product, inimitable attributes, user feedback and cognitive derivation. We interviewed an indie musician and gave suggestions on how to value and provide a fair environment for the large group of musicians.


Xiaoshangxing Mobile APP / Chief Design Officer and Co-founder


Took the initiative and started the first campus-based dating and friends-searching community in China.
Defined the visual identity of the company and the app, and set the use specifications for relating materials.
Worked on UX/UI design of the app, and user feedback analysis.
Led a team of 10, and set design review regulations for operation materials.
Accomplished 10,000+ DAU with only 2 schools in trial operation.


Product design, UX design, user research, python, web development, woodwork, font design

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